The Land of Here Nor There

Originally Co. Leitrim fell within the Kingdom of Breifne and as early as 900AD it still had the same narrow (2.5km) coastline. The reasons for this has long been speculated upon as no fishing for instance can be safely done from this cliff, rock and boulder strewn region. Even today there is no need for an access road and only walkers can get to it through privately owned fields. One legend is that a large peninsula suddenly broke away at this point in the distant past. This has become known as the land of Here Nor There which was populated by a race of giants who remain here in spirit to protect the land and its people. The land does indeed clearly begin to subside away into the sea in one specific area which does backup this story and one rock formation here is known locally known as the ‘Giants Grave’. To acknowledge this and in the hope of attracting more people to this place and raising awareness of its legend a piece of land art has been created. A nest of 39 white stones, polished smooth by the sea, have been placed on an outcrop and arranged in a circle. It can only be properly viewed from an elevated vantage point, either from the cliff top above or from the air. It should even be visible in time on GoogleEarth. (Stephen Rennicks)


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