Lord of the Rings location

In June 1970 it was announced that the British director John Boorman would be making an adaptation of Lord of the Rings for the screen. Rospo Pallenberg would work with him on this script for United Artists. The project was aborted due to costs but interestingly did get to the point of scouting for locations. The film was to be shot in Ireland, at Ardmore studios and locations within the country, such as Annamoe, Co. Wicklow (where Boorman now lives) and the Glenade valley in north Leitrim, which is said to have been earmarked to stand in for Rivendell. The illustration I found by Tolkien himself of his imagined land of elves does indeed bare a striking resemblance to this awe inspiring glacial valley. It’s said that this trip is when Boorman first fell in love with the country and moved not long after. He would go on to use it as backdrop for a number of his films, including Excaliber (1981). In a case of fiction becoming reality this land of genuine mythic beauty in North Leitrim is also under threat today from Orc’s of another kind. (Stephen Rennicks)


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