Hy Brazil

Hy BrazilThe lost and now mythical island of Hy-Brazil, off the west coast of Ireland, is thought to be the home of the Tuatha DeDanann, who it is claimed first landed in a cloud (the island itself is said to be surrounded by a permanent fog) on Slieve Anierin in Co. Leitrim before they spread to the rest of the country. Interestingly on some maps of the island the channel of water which crosses the perfect circle of an island would cross at Slieve Anierin. The island could have been their homeland or a base they created after either the collapse of Atlantis/Lemuria or wherever it was they came from. Amongst other things it is thought to be the location of the mythical land of eternal youth (Tír na nÓg). It was shown on maps between 1325 and 1865, visited separately by Irish monks Saints Barrind and Brendan amongst many others and was last seen in 1872 by the author T.J. Westropp. One idea about why we can no longer see it or other such mythical things is that as science advanced and we became supposedly more sophisticated, we stopped believing in them and became blind to that reality. If the island was there for others to see it must still be there for us to see but only if we are innocent of such things or are truly open to the possibility of its existence and ready to adapt our world view accordingly. Perhaps then could an individual again hope to view Hy Brazil. (Stephen Rennicks)



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