Container Industries

oldbulb3Co. Leitrim is thought to have the highest percentage of container based industries in the country. This is where someone buys an old truck container and sites it somewhere on their property and runs electricity to it. Any number of activities can now be carried out there. Many of these are rogue businesses operating in the black economy and in some cases are used to practice obsolete trades and train the next generation in what was once the family business. Quite by chance, while I was researching this piece, I came across one example of this when I met an old man who is making a special light bulb to order for just one customer. All he knows is that it is for an ancient machine in a castle in Belgium which can never be turned off. His father made them before him and he is now teaching his grandson how to blow the glass, make and install the filament. He showed me one he was testing which he allowed me to take a picture of. He makes around 5 a year which are collected in person by a representative of the buyer who pays him a four figure cash sum for each piece he produces. (Stephen Rennicks)


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