Forgotten Foundation

While I was working at The Dock arts centre in Carrick-on-Shannon in 2012 I was looking through a filing cabinet filled with proposals for visual art shows there. I liked how all this ‘rejected’ and in-between (here nor there) material and ideas had now settled into no particular order and offered a glimpse of an alternate visual arts programme. I had been planning to use some of this material for The Art of Concealment project which I was working on while there but didn’t choose to go down that route. One image from this source stayed with me however (pictured) which had become separated from any accompanying CV or supporting text. I asked more about it but no one remembered it coming in or who sent it. I was told it may even date from before The Dock was opened (in 2005) as all the submissions which had been kept in the Arts Office up until then were moved there at this time.

I think it could be interpreted to fit one of the aims of this project (reinventing or the past to perhaps change the future) very well and looks to me like it could even be a Co. Leitrim landscape too. I hope this orphaned image likes its new home and context. (Stephen Rennicks)

A postcard and print of this image can be purchased at this link.


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