Sex Pistols Relic Found

One of the most sought after Sex Pistols relics is thought to have turned up briefly in the antique and secondhand section of The Cultural Quarters in Ballinamore sometime in 2012. It is said to have been the 8-track version of Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols which was used in the film The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle (1980). In a scene Sue Catwoman gets into a chauffer driven car and he is seen slamming it into an 8-track car player for her. The film itself is described as a ‘mockumentary’ which created many of the myths surrounding the band today. The man who donated it to the shop with some other more ordinary items brought its provenance to the staff’s attention. He said that he had bought a box of props from the film very cheaply at a receiver’s auction (Glitterbest the Sex Pistols management company did go into receivership in 1979) when he lived in the UK in the early 80’s. This was all that he had left from it and he hoped it might bring in an extra few quid for them. It did indeed quickly sell to an unknown person, perhaps for 15 euro I heard, but it is likely to be still in the county. I did some research and found there was only one 8-track version of the album and it was actually pressed in Canada in 1977 by the Pistols US label Warner Bros and would fetch about 100 euro today. The one from the film could make anything at auction however but without any proof to show it was the actual one used it becomes just like the rest. It was a nice find for someone (and a bargain) but hard to know if it’s the real one. I’d like to believe it was. (Stephen Rennicks)  

Location on map


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