Look More Closely

When I lived in Dublin, an anonymous plaque (to Father Pat Noise) was attached to O’Connell Bridge (photo below). What was most interesting to me about this was that no one noticed it at the time until two years later when the people who were responsible sent a video of themselves attaching it to RTE News. This led to some very short lived public outrage and promises from the council that it would be removed. In 2011 I was asked to do an artist talk and I went to see if it was still there as I wanted to use an image of it for my presentation if it was. To my surprise after 10 years or more it was and to my knowledge still is. I saw it perfectly tying into my approach of subtly using public space for art without permission.

Thinking of this I went to the much travelled bridge in Carrick-on-Shannon and looked for a place that might hold a plaque also. To my delight I noticed there was a large rectangular cavity right in the centre of the bridge, from an old plaque perhaps, and I knew what I had to do. I had been on an artist visit to Feely Stone in Boyle in about 2007 and knew they could sand blast text onto a piece of stone for me so I took them my measurements and text.

Within a week I was the proud owner of my plaque and had acquired a hi-vis safety waistcoat, a bucket of readymade cement and trowel. I attached it on a weekday about 3pm during January 2013 and had the whole job done in about 5 minutes or less with no questions asked. Since then no one has ever noticed or commented on it as I guessed would be the case. The text reads ‘Look More Closely’ A Guide To Here Nor There 2013’. You can click on picture for larger image.  (Stephen Rennicks)

Location on map


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