Dominic Stevens

A good percentage of the most recent wave of people leaving the rat race and city life to move to Co. Leitrim and other rural locations can be linked to the publication of rural by local award winning architect Dominic Stevens in 2007. It took however another 5 years and a little thing called a property crash to make it the essential survival guide and cult book it has become today. Part practical part philosophical it is described as being  ‘a quiet yet polemical book of essays and built projects by an architect based in the wilds of county Leitrim. In rural, dominic stevens, who left Dublin 8 years ago, reflects on the forces that shape our rural environment and lifestyle. Sociology, economics, politics, farming, culture are all examined. Carefully studying behaviours of old and candidly questioning present-day absurdities, the author explores many avenues that may well offer a more exciting, dynamic and lasting future for rural areas, and society at large.’

More recently Stevens completed a house for €25,000 which has already proved very prescient. I like many others gave just a few days of my time to the build and can attest it was an inspiring and empowering experience to be a part of as his new home came into being. A step by step guide to its construction in the Leitrim countryside and excerpts from both of his books and more can be found here. (Stephen Rennicks)  


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