Time Travellers

Two female time travellers from ancient Persia are said to be regularly encountered at the megalithic cairn on the top of Sheemore. They are said to be very friendly and over the past 10 years or so have told various people who happen to encounter them some of how and why they come to be there. I can actually see the hill of Sheemore from where I type this in my home (in the Marion year of 1950 a giant cement cross was erected on top of the cairn by the parish priest in Gowel). I believe I may have seen them once there myself in about 2005 not long after I moved here but it was well before I knew anything about them or I would have questioned them further myself. The women I saw were in their early thirties and dressed in black modern clothes (a bit military goth I thought at the time) and I had a feeling they may have been German. It was as I was reaching the summit and I saw them packing away a large tube shaped object into a handheld case. As I approached I overheard them saying to another walker that they were from Persia. This exchange had always stuck in my mind as odd. I did remember there had been what looked to be a hire car parked on the road below and this is where I believe they walked to. Below I have pieced together the various stories I’ve heard of what they have been known to tell people.

They are from an ancient Rosicrucian order first established in 1470AD which understood that time is an illusion, that there iss only one ever changing and rotating moment. Nietzsche’s concept of ‘the eternal recurrence of the same’ and times cyclical nature are clue to this they state (how everything returns again in the same or new form, from flowers to fashions). Ireland they claim was part of Atlantis/Lemuria and what is now known as Leitrim was its spiritual centre. I had already known that this is one of the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner, more of which later. They said their order correctly forecast that a certain energy field in this region would remain at an optimum level for communication with what they called the ‘higher worlds’ between 1990 and 2040. These higher worlds are said to actually be our eternal spiritual self that the ego and our material existence has cut human beings off from experiencing. This also happens to be another core belief of Steiner (who coincidentaly is said to have more of his study groups here than any other county). Many of their order have been coming here since 1990 then but they say their fellow time-travellers prefer to keep a low profile as they are only concerned with communicating with the higher worlds and then returning to their own dimension of time.

They say that time-travel is done by mentally folding time and explain that the space they emerge into at our dimension of time at is where they are also standing in their own time. So for example they step from Sheemore 1484AD into our time (into the same space). They say this can briefly happen by accident to certain types of people in certain situations as well but they mostly don’t notice where they have been and quickly return again to their own time.  For example if you are walking alone lost in thought on a mountain which has a landscape that has not changed in thousands of years, how do you know for sure which time you are really in? If seen by someone from that time you would appear to them as a ghost or apparition.

They say that over the years they have grown to enjoy the county and like to sight-see and enjoy the craic in local bars and even go to traditional music sessions. One of them is said to play a mean fiddle and went out with a guy from Fenagh for a few months.

One interesting side note to Sheemore I can add is that it and the nearby hill of Sheebeg (said to be the resting place of Fionn MacCool) were both visited by members of the British Israelists in 1891 as they surveyed possible hiding places of the Ark of the Covenant and the true Stone of Destiny. They famously did great damage at Tara a few years later when they ‘excavated’ there but it is not as widely known that they also returned to dig at Sheebeg in the same period (picture below). I wonder what they may have found. More on this at following link. (Stephen Rennicks)  

Location on map


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