Tuatha De Danaan prophecy

A friend of mine who knows about comics and ancient Irish legends brought a yet to be fulfilled prophecy from the mythological cycle of ancient Irish legends to my attention. It references a time when the Tuatha DeDanaan (who may have existed during the Bronze age) have been beaten by the Gaels and Milesians (our ancestors). After this they never actually left Ireland but are said to have gone underground and became known as fairies and the like as we gradually forgot about their reality. I found a good link about their connection with Co. Leitrim here.

The prophecy states that one day they will have to return to awaken the inhabitants of the country from an enchanted sleep of forgetfulness. It is said to be a time when symbols will be more real than the things they represent, when people no longer have thoughts of their own and their minds are stronger than their instincts. In parallel to this we would have become so materialistic that we would gradually be destroying the environment in which we live in our hunger for power, money and resources. This was even the premise of a short lived series of stories in Thor (1986)by Marvel Comics which actually featured the Tuatha DeDanaan as the main characters, see image and this link for more details.

My friend feels that the current threat of hydraulic fracturing for gas in deep shale rock in Ireland may be the time for the Tuatha DeDanaan to somehow re-enter our consciousness so we can unite with them in solidarity to stop the destruction of both of our environments. Sliabh an Iarainn is the place where the Tuatha DeDanaan landed when they first arrived in ancient pre-history Ireland and Co. Leitrim is identified in the prophecy as the location for this awakening to begin. Sadly Co. Leitrim is also the main proposed centre for the shale gas industry to establish itself quietly before it spreads to other parts of the country. Perhaps a comic story could even spring from this idea too? (Stephen Rennicks)


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