Anti-Gravity Balls

Corglass (location on map)

In the event that we cannot save the planet from destruction attempts are being
made to spread life from Leitrim to other places in the universe. It has been
discovered that the molecules of the soil in Leitrim have become so compacted
and dense overtime that they have acquired unique anti-gravity properties. With
the correct purity level and moulding these daub balls can be thrown deep into
the atmosphere to be carried by solar winds on their journey to seed other solar
systems with life. This particular ball was thrown from Corglass. (Stephen Rennicks)

“The soil in Leitrim is poor, in places no more than an inch deep. Underneath is daub, a blue-grey modelling clay, or channel, a compacted gravel. Neither can absorb the heavy rainfall. Rich crops of rushes and wiry grasses keep the thin clay from being washed away.”
– John McGahern, Memoir


Déjà vu

Ardloughter (location on map)

Originally the Guide was open to any type of artist to create and submit entries but very few did as those that tried quickly began to experience quite intense déjà vu sensations relating directly to their activities to do with the project. One theory why is that if this is a genuine memory trace then the project is part of their destiny to pursue in each lifetime (stuck in time-loop) until it is resolved. More disturbingly this also implies that they could be close to the end of their lives if unsuccessful. Creating and documenting the above piece of false reality for one artist (who prefers to remain anonymous) triggered a particularly strong déjà vu experience that they had to destroy the text they had partially completed to go with it and withdraw from the project. (Stephen Rennicks)

Fairy Tree

Sheemore (location on map)

A fairy tree on the side of Sheemore. Ancient legend tells us that bad luck will follow whoever damages or cuts it down. Respect for nature and our environment appears to be the message at the base of these type of stories. However, more mysteriously, it is also said that if these tress are touched with certain intentions or times of the year they can bring people into the fairies dimension, becoming here nor there.(Stephen Rennicks)

Navigating Reality

Slieve Anierin (location on map)

A walk on Slieve Anierin and an encounter with a decaying sheep fleece led
me to ponder Nietzsche’s law of ‘the eternal recurrence of the same’. Not much
further along I realised that The Hitchhiker’s Guide and the I Ching are both
ways of navigating reality. When I got home I looked up Douglas Adams answer to
the meaning of life, the universe and everything, 42, and found its corresponding
hexagram in the I Ching, which translates as abundance. I decided to try
switching the numbers around and next looked up 24 whose hexagram means
returning. This brought me back to eternal recurrence again. From life and death
to boom and bust we are on a never ending cycle, always returning, even at the
height of our abundance. (Stephen Rennicks)

Artist Unknown

The Waterways, Keshkerrigan (location on map)

A series of anonymous sculptures of varying dimensions in concrete and reinforced steel has grown to such endemic proportions in Co. Leitrim that a process of documenting, cataloging and valuing has begun by a newly established offshoot of the Arts Council.  (Stephen Rennicks)

Return of the Unicorn

Uragh (location on map)

Recent reports of a sole white unicorn wandering high in the hills of North Leitrim could be taken as a sign of hope for the future. They are known for their purity, grace and ability to neutralize poisons and are said to be seen and tamed only by the purest of heart. Representations of unicorns such as this one are busily being cast from stolen public art, copper pipes, cylinders and other metal waste materials from ghost estates and such places in furnaces all over Leitrim in the hope of manifesting more of them in the flesh when we need their healing powers the most. (Stephen Rennicks)

Test Gas Drilling

Thur mountain (location on map)

The alien agenda to blow up the Earth from within was forwarded when test gas drilling occured at sites in Leitrim between 1963 and 2001. A book containing  this image was found by the artist inside the glove box of a wrecked lorry at this site near Kiltyclogher where some of this drilling was carried out in 2001. (Stephen Rennicks)